ATM Locator

Locate the Nearest ATM. Direct Express® cardholders can get cash from ATMs worldwide wherever the MasterCard® acceptance mark is displayed. Some ATM owners apply a surcharge fee to use their ATMs. This fee is in addition to any other fees applied. To locate the nearest ATM, click on the MasterCard® brand mark below and you will be linked to their worldwide network of ATMs. Follow the web page instructions to narrow your search or simply enter your zip code and press enter.

Mastercard® ATM Alliance Location Search Instruction.

  • Input city, State, and Zipcode in field box
  • Click "View More Options"
  • Select "Features - Optional"
  • Click "Surcharge Free Alliance"
  • Select "All Surcharge Free"
  • Click on "Find" button to begin search

How to Avoid ATM Surcharge Fees. Avoid this surcharge fee by using ATMs owned by the bank or network brand mark identified below. Click on any one of the brand marks displayed and follow their instructions to locate the nearest surcharge free ATM.


Tips When Using ATMs. Always read the ATM screen messages carefully. You may cancel the cash withdrawal transaction if you wish to avoid the surcharge fee. Press the enter key if you wish to continue and pay the surcharge fee.

Other Cash Access Options. Another option for obtaining cash is at a retailer location. Many retailers will provide cash back with your purchase at the point-of-sale terminal. Ask your retailer if they provide this service as a convenient way to obtain cash.